Introduction of Working Dog: German Shepherd

German Shepherd is one of the middle and large-sized working dog breed. Back to the World War I, German military decided to train these dogs as assistants, in order to handle extremely dangerous missions. Considering their excellent performance in World War I, German Shepherd became one of the popular and famous dog breeds. Since so, more of the breeders made investments in German Shepherd breeding and established a unique breeding system for this dog breed. Because of German Shepherd’s physical and psychological ability, this dog breed is widely used by the military and law enforcement agency for various purposes.


Physical ability

Most of the German Shepherds have strong and muscular bodies, which allow them to move and attack quickly. Indeed, when we decide to train a dog as the guard dog, the major consideration is its physical ability. For example, Poodles and Corgis can never be a qualified guard dog. They may be clever and always obey their owners. However, their body types are too small to fight with the criminals. As mentioned, German Shepherds belongs to middle and large-sized dog breed. In general, the ideal height and weight for adult German Shepherds should be around 60 cm and 30 kg. Moreover, German Shepherds have the strong biting force of 238 pounds with muscular bodies. Since so, they can easily attack and bite the criminals.


Some people may think that the only reason why German Shepherd becomes the popular working dog is due to its physical ability. Yet, they may be wrong. Germany Shepherd, in fact, has the unique characteristics, which make it suitable for the security tasks.


Loyalty and obedience

German Shepherd is easy-going and approachable to its handler and owner. It is a trustworthy dog breed that strictly follows the order of its handler and owner without any hesitate. Besides that, German Shepherd has the extensive physical ability. Its biting power contains 238 pounds pressure, which is the 2nd strongest biting force. Therefore, German Shepherd can make the criminals to surrender. However, when the handler or owner tells it to stop attacking, it will obey immediately. Indeed, the discipline of German Shepherd is one of the reasons why it can be a professional guard dog.


Unlike the other dog breeds, German Shepherd has no intention to be the friend of the strangers. Moreover, without the permission of its handlers and owners, a well-trained German Shepherd will not attack someone or play around with something. Indeed, German Shepherd is considered as the 3rd smartest dog breed. Since so, it understands how to observe the surroundings, and then responds to the suspicious circumstances. For example, when there is a gunfire, a well-trained German Shepherd will keep calm and search for the location of gunfire. Later on, it will inform its handler and owner, and wait for the command to take action.


There are countless incredible stories to show how brave and loyal German Shepherd is. A recent news in U.S. Florida reported that a German Shepherd got three snake bites when protecting its 7-year-old owner from the rattlesnake attack. Therefore, German Shepherd should be one of the bravest dog breeds.

To conclude, German Shepherd has outstanding mental and physical ability to perform excellent security works. When dealing with the dangerous missions, German Shepherd will keep calm and react quickly due to its characteristics or mental ability; while its physical ability can support its handlers to take proper actions against the criminals.

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