Hong Kong Guard Dog provides a wide range of security services that are related to working dog rental and working dog training. These security services can be separated into two main categories, including property and sniffing detection.

Indeed, we can assist the clients to decide the proper service plans by conducting a comprehensive risk assessment of the property. Since so, our services can better emerge into your security system. Moreover, we can handle most of the rental trivia, such as working dog pick-up and working dog handling. Therefore, reducing the concerns in renting the working dogs.

Guard dog rental

We offer guard dog rental service as the effective alternative of crime prevention for the high-end property and the important facility. Regarding the high-end property security, we have two strategic plans, including homestay and night shift guard dog rental plans. Both plans enjoy similar benefits in security, our clients can decide either of two plans based on their living habits.

The advantage of homestay plan is that there is no shift change of the guard dog. The guard dog will stay at your place, and provide 24/7 security service. Since so, the client should take care of the guard dog, followed by our general guidance. In fact, we will prepare all the related necessities for the guard dogs, such as high-quality dog foods and secure dog cages. In contrast, the advantage of night shift plan is that our team will responsible for all the guard dog trivia. For example, providing pick-up and drop-off service of the guard dog, looking after its healthcare, and etc. In fact, the night shift plan is more suitable for the client who has a tight schedule, or the one who is not used to living with the dog. As the guard dog rental service is started, our professional dog trainers will provide further assistance if there is any concerns or problems. In addition, if you are looking for purchasing a guard dog as one of your family members, we can offer different types of guard dogs, like German Shepherds.

Our guard dog rental service has been expanded to other segments, including private housing estates, exhibition venues, shopping malls, business centers, cargo ships, cruise liners, cruise ship terminals, and etc. 


Guard dog rental

Our guard dog rental service has been expanded to other segments, including private housing estates, exhibition venues, shopping malls, business centers, cargo ships, cruise liners, cruise ship terminals, and etc. If you want to know more details, please let us provide you the comprehensive strategic plans.

Detection dog rental

Besides the guard dog rental service, Hong Kong Guard Dog provides the effective means to track and trace the unlawful substances at the large-scale venues, such as exhibitions, concerts, parties, and other events. We offer two types of detection dogs to work on these tasks, they are bomb detecting dogs, and illegal drugs detecting dogs. In general, to prevent the serious crime or terrorist activity, the visitors, the participles and their personal belongings shall be checked before entering the venues. However, the careless checking or the overcrowding at some of the venues may possibly result in security hazard. Moreover, the law of Hong Kong prohibits the extensive body frisking. Since so, the criminals may have the chance to get into the venues. Because of the above reason, renting the detection dog can be considered as one of the alternatives for the venue security.

To assure the accuracy in detecting the explosives and illegal drugs, we adopt the training materials that are developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). This laboratory is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and is operated by one of the U.S. national security organization. Its products usually apply to U.S. and overseas military and national security training. For example, NESTT Non-Explosive K9 training aids is one of the products developed by LLNL, and is conventionally used in our explosive detection training. These training aids are widely tested and adopted by U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, USSS, ATF and etc. Indeed, the composition of this training aids contains actual explosives materials, such as n/TNT, n/RDX, n/PETN, n/KN03, and n/KCL03. Therefore, our detection dogs can accurately track and trace the suspicious substances during the duty time, and inform their handlers to take further actions. Thus, lowing the potential risk of the venue. Besides the venue security, our team can also work with the logistics and shipping companies to track and trace the suspicious substances. Each of our detection dogs is well-trained by our simulated training, which can accommodate themselves to different circumstances quickly. For example, no need to stop the machines until the detection is done. Thus, reducing the operation cost of logistics and shipping companies.


Detection dog rental

Our detection dogs have extensive experience in sniffing the explosives and illegal drugs at large-scale venues, such as the Hong Kong visit of Premier League club and USS Ronald Reagan. If you are interested in the above service, please free feel to contact us.

Detection dogs

Variety : Springer
Ages : 20 Months
Name : Buas

Detection dogs

Variety : Springer
Ages : 24 Months
Name: xo

Detection dogs ( Training )

Variety : Labrador
Ages : 6 Months
Name : 林寶